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Amazon Fake Invoice


You may receive an Amazon invoice for the purchased of an expensive item. The invoice may indicate the package is expected to arrive the following day. The recipient address and name will be one you’ve not heard of. This is to invoke your prompt action to call. If you call you will be scammed out of your money. In the process of being told you are going to get the money back, the scammers will get your bank information or credit card number.


Below is a sample of a fake Amazon invoice received by someone. Selected details have been marked out to avoid tracing this back to the recipient. In this example, the date the package is said to be arriving is one day after the person received the notice. This is done so the person will panic and take action immediately.

What to Look For

You will notice typos in the email above. If you’ve ordered from Amazon before, you know that the order confirmations look nothing like this, and specific details about purchases are typically not included in emails from Amazon.

What to Do

Do not respond to communications like this one. Instead, go directly to the Amazon website to confirm if some order was made on your account. Contact Amazon directly if you have concerns.