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Norton Genie Scam Detector

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Norton has developed a free interactive app that uses AI to identify scams. It can analyzed an image, text message, or website address and provide insights into authenticity. Here are links to more information. Visit the Norton Genie website to learn more. [View]

Apple Mac “ask you” Virus-like Notifications

Summary There is a vulnerability currently being exploited on Apple Mac computers as well as Windows computers. It involves malicious website notifications that mislead people into thinking they have a virus, or hacked account, or bill due. A particularly challenging variation of this has been crafted specifically for Apple computer users as explained below. Steps… Continue reading Apple Mac “ask you” Virus-like Notifications

Wordfence Phishing

Summary Wordfence is a website security company focused on WordPress websites. On 28 Jul 2023, Wordfence announced that an email phishing campaign was targeting their users in an effort to steal website login credentials. The official notification from Wordfence about this issue is on their blog. [Read] General Background Many companies have their logo, fonts,… Continue reading Wordfence Phishing

Australia Fraud News

The video below from 60 Minutes Australia describes the current state of fraud in Australia. Date: 2 Jul 2023. “Is there a meaningful solution to stopping scammers and financial fraud” — Falling victim to a scammer is an awful feeling. It’s not only the theft of money or personal information that stings, the thought of being… Continue reading Australia Fraud News

UPS Resource Page

Summary UPS has a helpful education resource to help consumers avoid fraud and scams. [View] Below are some excerpts from the page. Recognize and Report Fraud Common Fraud Scenarios Type of Fraud The UPS page offers a good concise list of fraud types with descriptions of each. [Visit UPS Page]

Bank Fake Purchase Confirmation Text

Summary Consumers are receiving fake purchase confirmation text messages from what appears to be their bank. When customers reply to those messages, a follow-up phone call to the customer shows the bank name for the Caller ID. These interactions evolve into a breached account. The report below from CBS provides more information. Source: CBS, 26… Continue reading Bank Fake Purchase Confirmation Text

Amazon Fake Delivery Email

Summary A fake delivery email from Amazon has become a popular phishing tactic. If the recipient accidentally clicks a link and enters their credentials, their account login is compromised. Sample Below is a sample of what the email message contains.

USAA Phishing Email

Summary The USAA (United Services Automobile Association) offers banking and insurance to people and families who serve, or served, in the United States Armed Forces. A recent phishing scheme seeks to exploit these people who have served their country. Sample A sample email is below.

Phone Scams

Summary A variety of scams based on phone calling have surfaced. The reports below provide more details. NBC News (29 Mar 2023) “AI can replicate voices in high-tech phone call scams, FTC warns” — The FTC is sounding the alarm on artificial intelligence being used to simulate someone’s voice in imposter scams, which was the… Continue reading Phone Scams