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Phone Scams


A variety of scams based on phone calling have surfaced. The reports below provide more details.

NBC News (29 Mar 2023)

“AI can replicate voices in high-tech phone call scams, FTC warns” — The FTC is sounding the alarm on artificial intelligence being used to simulate someone’s voice in imposter scams, which was the most commonly reported fraud in 2022. NBC News’ Emilie Ikeda spoke to one father who got a call that sounded like his daughter and said she was being held hostage. [Source]

CNBC (4 Nov 2023)

“How Phone Scams Tricked Americans Out Of $40 Billion” — Despite the rise of sophisticated crypto frauds and ransomware plots, phone scams continue to trick Americans out of tens of billions of dollars each year. It’s not only older people who fall for such phone scams. Young people and men get tricked the most. [Source]