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Why Tap-to-Pay Is Safer Than a Credit Card Swipe

Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

Below is a video from the Wall Street Journal about credit card payment processing security. Wall Street Journal, 17 Apr 2023 — From Apple iPhones to New York City subway turnstiles, tap-to-pay use in everyday American life is growing, thanks in part to its security and ease of use. But tap-to-pay and its small near field… Continue reading Why Tap-to-Pay Is Safer Than a Credit Card Swipe

Fake AI Ransom Calls

Summary A new type of AI-based scam involves creating a copy of someone’s voice using artificial intelligence software, and then calling a family member to pretend that the person has been abducted. The caller requests a ransom and plays the convincing fake audio of the family member. Last year, at the FBI Pittsburgh office last… Continue reading Fake AI Ransom Calls

Microsoft Fake Billing Email

Summary You may receive an email that appears to be from Microsoft about a bill. An example is below. Avoid using any links or phone numbers in suspicious emails. Instead, go to the official website to login or get support. Sample Fake Email Below is an example of a fake Microsoft email you may receive.

DreamHost Fake Email Notification

Summary DreamHost customers are the latest to be targeted by scammers. An example of a fake message is below. Message Content Appearance The colors, fonts, logo, and other branding elements are almost identical to official emails from the website hosting company DreamHost. So, they are likely to mislead people into providing their login credentials. Example… Continue reading DreamHost Fake Email Notification

Check Washing

Summary Scammers are stealing checks from the mail, chemically removing the ink, and then making the checks out to an alias name for cashing. Advice Use a black permanent ink pen that soaks into the check paper. Special pens are sold as anti-fraud pens for checks. Look for “Fraud Proof” in the description. [View Examples… Continue reading Check Washing

Scam: PayPal Shipment Details Email

Summary You may receive an email claiming to provide “Details about your shipment” for a purchased paid using PayPal. This fraud usually results in the scammer trying to gain access to your PayPal account once you contact them. Action Do not reply or attempt to call the phone number provided. Use only the official PayPal… Continue reading Scam: PayPal Shipment Details Email

Geek Squad

Overview A common theme in fraudulent emails is to notify the recipient that a payment has been made for a service. The example below mentions Geek Squad Protection Shield. This type of scam intends to invoke a response from the recipient. The scammers then obtain credit card details or gain access to the user’s computer.… Continue reading Geek Squad