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Check Washing


Scammers are stealing checks from the mail, chemically removing the ink, and then making the checks out to an alias name for cashing.


Use a black permanent ink pen that soaks into the check paper. Special pens are sold as anti-fraud pens for checks. Look for “Fraud Proof” in the description. [View Examples on Amazon]

Getting Help

If you have experienced a problem, it may take months to get your money. The bank may say the check wasn’t altered or give some other excuse for not addressing the issue. You’ll be told, “We’re sorry, but there’s really nothing that can be done.” You may keep getting the runaround and never see your money again.

Try to get a news agency to cover your story. Then the bank will promptly apologize for the inconvenience and recover your money. See the news story below for more about this type of scam.

WCIA CBS 3 (18 Mar 2023)

ABC 7 New York (17 Mar 2023)