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iPhone Theft Financial Fraud Scams


Wall Street Journal, 24 Feb 2023: “iPhone thieves across the country are locking people out of their Apple and iCloud accounts and gaining access to Apple Pay and bank apps, draining them of thousands of dollars—sometimes before victims even know what happened. How do they do it and how can you protect yourself? WSJ’s Joanna Stern investigates.”


As additional reports become available they will be shared below.

Inside Edition (19 May 2023)

“How Are Cellphone Thieves Obtaining Your Passcode?” — Reyhan Ayas says she was standing outside a bar when a thief snatched her iPhone. She says she lost access to all her photos because the thief locked her out of her Apple accounts. Although the pictures are in Apple’s iCloud, she says for security and privacy reasons Apple will not restore her access. Apple says they “sympathize” with customers who’ve had this experience and take the incidents seriously. They also say they work hard to protect users’ accounts and are always investigating additional protections against new threats. For privacy reasons, Apple also says they do not accept passports or driver’s licenses to confirm ownership of an account. [Source]