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Wordfence Phishing


Wordfence is a website security company focused on WordPress websites. On 28 Jul 2023, Wordfence announced that an email phishing campaign was targeting their users in an effort to steal website login credentials.

The official notification from Wordfence about this issue is on their blog. [Read]

General Background

Many companies have their logo, fonts, colors, and other unique brand identity used by scammers. Unfortunately, most companies are silent about this. They do not inform the public or their customers. So, people are completely unaware, unprepared, and unprotected against massive global attacks.

Wordfence has demonstrated best practices by quickly notifying their user community of the problem.

Notification Excerpt

“Earlier this week we became aware that malicious actors are using Wordfence brand image to run a phishing scam on WordPress and Wordfence users, posing as unknown login notifications from their own website while linking to a fake login page, clearly aiming to steal WordPress login credentials.” [More]

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